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Rocket icon
Ammunition for a Rocket Launcher.
Shortname ammo.rocket.basic
Type Explosive
Stacksize 3
Craftable Yes
Time To Craft 10 s
Metal Pipe iconTransparent item
Gun Powder iconTransparent item
Explosives iconTransparent item

Information accurate as of: build 904.83

A craftable type of ammo used in the Rocket Launcher.

Damage and function times Edit

vde Weapon Attributes
Timed Explosive
Can Stick False
Explosion Radius 3.8
Explosion Uses Forward False
Min Explosion Radius 1.0
Only Damages Parent False
Max Timer Amount 10.0
Min Timer Amount 8.0
Total Damage 350.0
Damage Types
Blunt icon 75
Explosion icon 275

Crafting Edit

A Rocket can be crafted with:

To craft one (1) rocket from scratch it takes in total :

  • 100 Metal Fragments (170 Wood to smelt in small furnace)(Or split metal ore stacks in a large furnace to increase yield per work cycle)
  • 1400 Sulfur (1168 Wood to smelt in small furnace)(Again if stacks are split in a large furnace, you can yield up to 14 sulfur per work cycle)
  • 1950 Charcoal (2594 Wood in a small furnace)(the 1168 wood and 170 used to smelt the Metal Fragments and Sulfur can subsidize the 2594 wood requirement)
  • 30 Low Grade Fuel


  • It takes 10 seconds to craft one rocket.

Damage Edit

The number of rockets to kill a player with/without armor is:

  • Far off rocket splash damage: 2 Rockets
  • Close to target splash damage: 1 Rocket
  • Direct hit: 1 Rocket

Destruction Edit

The following table compares commonly used explosive devices, in terms of the minimum amount required to destroy a given component:

Demolition Cost
Explosion icon Wood Tier Icon Stone Tier Icon Sheet Metal Tier Icon Armored Tier Icon Wooden Door icon Sheet Metal Door icon Armored Door icon Ladder Hatch icon High External Wooden Wall icon High External Stone Wall icon
Timed Explosive Charge icon 1 2 2 3 1 1 2 1 2 2
Rocket icon 2 4 4 6 1 2 4 2 3 4
High Velocity Rocket icon 2 7 8 10 1 3 7 3 4 7
Satchel Charge icon 3 10 13 18 2 4 12 4 6 10
Beancan Grenade icon 13 46 63 84 6 18 56 18 26 46
F1 Grenade icon 125 250 750 1000 40 50 160 50 250 250

2 rockets

Trivia Edit

  • Note: There are three different types of rockets:
    • The regular rocket ammunition (125 damage). (pictured above)
    • The Incendiary Rocket, painted red, and has the capability to cause fires to buildings/players.
    • The High Velocity Rocket, that has increased range/accuracy, however, does 40% less damage to buildings (75 damage).
  • All rockets laying on the ground share the same view model.
  • Rockets will not explode unless fired from a Rocket Launcher.
  • The Smoke Rocket is no longer available in vanilla rust. It created a thick cloud of smoke to blind enemies, for gaining ground on offense or gaining time on defense.

Gallery Edit

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