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Rust Terms and Meanings Edit

In Rust there are multiple terms that may not be obvious to anyone new to the game.

People Edit

  1. Freshspawn: A Freshspawn is someone who just spawned in and has nothing but a rock and a torch (The items you spawn with) E.T.C: I'm going around murdering other fresh spawns with my rock"
  2. Naked: A player wearing no clothes. E.T.C : There is a Naked knocking on our door"
  3. Geared/Kitted : Players wearing clothes, armour, and with higher tier weapons, such as guns.
  4. Jumpcheck: If a member of your team asks you to "Jumpcheck", they are asking you to jump in game, to verify it is you. Jump as fast as you can, because its likely they have a weapon aimed at your head.

Guns Edit

1. Pumpy: Short for pump shotgun Edit

2. Pipey: Short for pipe shotgun

3.DBS: Double Barrel Shotgun

4.Bolty: Bolt action rifle

5.LR: LR300 Assault Rifle

6.Semi Auto: Semi auto rifle/pistol

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