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SUPER Stocking
SUPER Stocking icon
A SUPER Stocking. Hang it by a fire and you might just get an awesome gift!
Shortname stocking.large
Type Items
Stacksize 1
Craftable No

The SUPER Stocking is an accessable "container" similar to the Small Stocking. When placed on a wall, the stocking will be filled with gifts after 2 to 3 in-game nights. Each time gifts spawn inside, the health of the stocking will be reduced by 10 health points. There is no known way to repair this.

It is not recommended to store important items in these stockings because when the gifts spawn, it will replace the items stored inside.

How to acquire Edit

The SUPER Stocking can be acquired from a Large Present or by upgrading six Small Stockings.

 Trivia Edit

  • You are allowed to place a code lock on the stocking.
  • It gives the equivalent amount of gifts of 3 small stockings.
  • The stocking has a total health of 100.

 Possible rewards from stockings: Edit

Candy Cane iconTransparent item
Stones iconTransparent item
Chocolate Bar iconTransparent item
Metal Fragments iconTransparent item
Coal iconTransparent item
Medical Syringe iconTransparent item
Wood iconTransparent item
Low Grade Fuel iconTransparent item

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