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S for Survivor 

These are a series of comical articals started by Strikewyrm on 8/21/15.

Rock Edit

There is some speculation to the origin of rocks due to the consistency of their spawning on the "Homo Rusticus Nakedus Minorus" and the inability of "Homo Rusticus Survivus Minorus" to make them despite sometimes appalling amounts of stone available to the specimen. There are two main camps in the debate:

  • The God Camp - those who believe that this proves there is indeed a god in rust.
  • The Test Camp - those who believe that this proves there Rust is really a scientific experiment.

this debate has been going on for an extraordinarily long time and has at times become very bloody, as "Homo Rusticus" is known to do when provoked, often using rocks to settle the matter but occasionally when specimens of the "Homo Rusticus Survivus Minorus" are present these physical debates can escalate further.

Player Edit

One of the main species in Rust. Homo Rusticus, better known as the player, is by far the most important of the five intractable species. While Homo Rusticus is the genus, they can further be divided into species based on individual traits. They are as follows:

  • Homo Rusticus Nakedus Majorus - this is the most basic of the players, often referred to as a "Newb". This player is one who is new to the game and still acts as such.
  • Homo Rusticus Nakedus Minorus - this is the most common of the players, often referred to as a "Naked". This player is either one who is
    • A) new to the server - Homo Rusticus Nakedus Minorus Ignorantus
    • B) a player who recently died - Homo Rusticus Nakedus Minorus Mortalus
  • Homo Rusticus Survivus Minorus - this is the second most rare of the players, often referred to as a "Guy With Stuff". This player is one who has both gained stuff and blueprints (bps).
  • Homo Rusticus Survivus Majorus - this is the most rare of the players, often referred to as "Asshole". This player is experienced in the playing of Rust and often has armored bases, most or all bps, large quantities of stuff, and the annoying habit of raiding for no reason (hence the common name).

players can further be divided into groups based on current or general behaviors:

  • Raidus - one who commonly or is currently raiding.
  • Dormus - one who is currently sleeping (often killed for possessions or harvesting).
  • Buildus - one who is currently building
  • AFKus (af-kus) - one who is awake but is simply standing (caution should be used as these players can often become active)
  • Trollus - any player who is annoying beyond the point of reason (should be killed immediately)

Whats next? Edit

what page should i do next? leave requests in the coments

Strikewyrm (talk) 21:25, August 21, 2015 (UTC)

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