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Satellite Dish Array Closeup

A view of both Radio Satellite Assemblies, part of the monument.

The Satellite Dish Array is a type of Monument found on procedurally generated maps in Experimental Rust. It has low levels of radiation so walking in with basic clothing will do the job.

Layout Edit

Satellite Dish Array Overview Front

A frontal overview of the entire Array.

The Satellite Dish Array is set up on a hilly area and features a completed satellite dish, a second satellite dish and a pillar foundation still under construction, several satellite dishes and other components scattered about and buried in the dirt, and a couple of sheet metal sheds.

The two satellite dish constructions are scalable via a staircase that wraps around them.

Infrastructure Edit

The Satellite Dish Array provides access to a Repair Bench, located inside the foundation of the completed satellite dish. A Recycler is also available, located inside the foundation of the unfinished satellite dish.

Loot Edit

Satellite Dish Array Sheds

Two sheet metal sheds, containing crates.

The Satellite Dish Array area and its outskirts are littered with regular loot Barrels and Food Crates, rendering the monument a popular place for quickly obtaining components.

Occasionally, large Medical(or Supply) Crates and green Military Crates may spawn inside the two sheet metal sheds.

Map Edit

[toggle view]
Recycler map icon.png
Repair bench map icon.png
Satellite map.png

Gallery Edit

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