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Scrap is a core material in Rust, as it is used in both crafting various components and making Blueprints by Researching and Experimentation. It can be found in almost any type of loot crate, ranging from 2 Scrap in Barrels, 5 Scrap in average Loot Crates, 8 in Military Loot Crates and up to 25 Scrap in Elite Military Loot Crates.


Scrap can also be obtained by recycling spare components. Depending on the component, the Scrap yield is different. However, Scrap can also be used to create some of the components, the details are shown here:

Component Scrap Yield Craftable Required Scrap
Empty Propane Tank icon Empty Propane Tank 1 Yes 10
Metal Blade icon Metal Blade 2 Yes 10
Road Signs icon Road Signs 5 No -
Metal Pipe icon Metal Pipe 5 Yes 20
Sheet Metal icon Sheet Metal 8 No -
Metal Spring icon Metal Spring 10 Yes 50
Gears icon Gears 10 Yes 100
Semi Automatic Body icon Semi Automatic Body 15 No -
SMG Body icon SMG Body 15 No -
Tech Trash icon Tech Trash 20 No -
Rifle Body icon Rifle Body 25 No -