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Information accurate as of: build 904.83

Sheet Metal Door
Sheet Metal Door icon
A hinged door which is made out of sheets of metal and wood
Shortname door.hinged.metal
Type Construction
Stacksize 1
Craftable Yes
Time To Craft 30 s
Wood iconTransparent item
Metal Fragments iconTransparent item

The Sheet Metal Door is a hinged door which is made out of metal fragments and wood. It can be placed in an empty doorway and locked with a Lock or Code Lock. It is very resistant against damage from tools, melee weapons and bullets, but is extremely vulnerable to explosive damage and can be destroyed by a single Timed Explosive Charge. Due to the changes in dev blog 145 (Changing the effectiveness of F1 Grenades on structures), the most effective way to take down the door (With a rocket and an F1 grenade) is no longer viable.

The Sheet Metal Door can be placed by crafting it and selecting the door in your hotbar, and then mousing over an empty doorway. A blue silhouette of the door will appear, and you can left-click to place it. If the silhouette of the door is red, it cannot be placed in its current location.

Crafting Edit

The Sheet Metal Door can be crafted with:

Skins Edit

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