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Shotgun (Legacy) icon
Type Ranged Weapon
Weapon Stats
Pump Action
Damage 189
Recoil 15
Range 30
Craftable Yes
Known by default No
Low Quality Metal (Legacy) iconTransparent item
Devastating for close range combat. Uses shotgun shells.

The shotgun is a craftable Weapon that uses up to 8 Shotgun Shells. It requires 180 Metal Fragments (12 Low Quality Metal) to craft.


The shotgun is an extremely powerful weapon, albeit at close range only. Due to the combination of low range and high pellet spread, the shotgun is only useful where engagements are limited to only a few meters. While extremely effective at countering axe-wielding foes and animals, the shotgun is easily outmatched at range, where even a 9mm Pistol can easily outdo it. Its sluggish performance does not lend itself well to multiple foes either. However it can kill a wolf in one and a bear in two "good" hits.

Ammunition for the shotgun is the most resource-intensive of the 3 ammunition types. Because of this and the shotgun's very low range, it is better to use these resources to craft a different ammo type for a different weapon. 

You can unload the gun by right clicking the gun in the UI and selecting unload. Then reload it again to rack it.

it has a low chance to spawn in a crate, but a medium chance to be found as a blueprint on red bears and wolves.


  • The Shotgun is based on the Benelli SuperNova chambered in 12 gauge.
  • It is a left handed variant of the Benelli SuperNova.


  • When reloading, the player always puts three shells in, no matter how many were missing.
  • Holographic sight uses a mount (like the MP5A4), instead of being directly attached to the gun's rails.
  • Benelli does not manufacture a left-handed variant of the SuperNova.
  • The iron-sights are incorrectly aligned.
  • A rifle suppressor can be attached to the barrel.

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