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Information accurate as of: build 904.83

The Shotgun Trap is a type of defensive trap that can be placed almost anywhere on a base, including walls and ceilings. The Shotgun Trap fires two shots a second and can hold up to 384 shots. Generally, it will instantly kill anyone, unless they run past the trap in a specific way. It is very rare that someone goes into a Wounded state upon being shot by a shotgun trap. The Shotgun Trap has 300 health


Crafting a Shotgun trap takes 30 seconds to craft and requires:

Notes Edit

  • The Shotgun trap will shoot everyone unless the trap is in range of a Tool Cupboard and a player is authorized on that tool cupboard. Before loading a shotgun trap, players should make sure they are in range of an authorized Tool Cupboard, otherwise the newly placed trap will fire upon them.

  • The Shotgun Trap only takes Handmade Shells as ammunition.

  • Shotgun traps do not lose durability when firing.

  • Distance of shot: 1 tile in front of it besides the one standing on.


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