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Silencer (Legacy) icon
Type Attachment
Craftable Yes
Known by default No
High Quality Metal iconTransparent item
Attach this to a weapon (with at least one free slot) by dragging and dropping this item onto it. It will give you a visual indicator of muzzle position increasing your overall accuracy.

Silencers are used to reduce the sound and sight of gunfire. Silencers do not completely eliminate gunfire noise but reduce it significantly, making it impossible to hear from a long distance. The silencer also eliminates muzzle flash, making it difficult to tell if a gun has been fired, especially in darkness.

The silencer incurs a range penalty when used.


An attachment is placed onto a firearm by dragging the attachment onto the firearm the player wishes to place the attachment onto. The firearm must have an open attachment slot in order to be able to have the attachment placed onto it.


Below is a list of firearms that mods can be attached to:


Silencers can be obtained in two different ways:

  • By crafting them yourself;
  • Finding them in Loot Crates.


Silencers can be crafted using 8 Low Quality Metal. Doing so will take 7 seconds and yields one silencer. A Workbench is required to craft the item.


  • Previously, silencers had no actual effect other than being a visual add-on.
  • Believed to have a slightly lower drop chance than other mod type blue prints

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