Sleeping Bag

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Sleeping Bag
Type Survival
Craftable N/A
Changes a player's spawn point

Sleeping Bags provide a Respawn Point for whomever placed it.


Sleeping Bags are immediately available to the Player in the Crafting Menu. (Unlike some items that require Blueprints & Research Kits to Craft)

Sleeping Bags require 15 Cloth to Craft and take 30 Seconds per Sleeping Bag.


Unlike some Items, Sleeping Bags don't have an Active usage, but a Passive Usage as a Spawn Point.

To place a Sleeping Bag move the item to your hotbar, press the selected number of the hotbar, and left-click in desired spot. If the Player dies, They can select 'Camp spawn' to spawn to the last-placed Sleeping Bag.

Life timeEdit

Sleeping Bags can still be destroyed by other players, so be sure to place it in a secure spot. It takes 25 hits to destroy the bed with a Hatchet and 20 Hits with a 9mm Pistol


  • Picking up the Sleeping Bag is impossible if you have spawned on it within the last 4 minutes. 

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