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The Sphere Tank/Oil Tank/Dome monument in Rust

The Sphere Tank (most commonly referred to as "Dome") is a Monument often found on procedurally generated maps in Experimental Rust. The Sphere Tank has low levels of radiation. Other than the Military tunnel, the dome is the only other monument which doesn't have a recycler.

Layout Edit

The Sphere Tank has three significant features; three oil silos, the massive sphere with catwalks throughout, and two small shacks on the ground. The silos have stairs winding around them to climb to the top, where there should be a bunch of Loot Crates and Barrels containing loot or crude oil. The staircase and the top of the silos are somewhat guarded by sheets of metal and sandbag barricades. Underneath the metal sphere many more barrels of loot and oil can be found. The main part of this monument is inside of the Sphere Tank itself, where there a lot of loot can be found, but with the risk of a jump puzzle throughout, dangerous of fatal if fallen from.

To climb the tank, start on the opposite side of the silos and climb up the large pipe in the ground. After that, the path is very self-explanatory. There are three main layers to the tank, and to access each one, you must climb out of the tank and around the outside. Inside can be found a fair number of easy loot chests, and an equally unfair number of risky jumps. Outside, there might be barrels, but mostly the danger of falling farther than you would if inside. At the top of the sphere are four military crates which have relatively great loot.

The Sphere is also a very great place even when radiation is in. It doesn't have nearly as much radiation as a train yard or water treatment plant it's even more rewarding since it always spawns four military crates.

There is a way to jump off the side of "Dome" without taking any damage, as if you must jump from the top to between the two giant pipes, and crouching while moving backwards as you fall will negate all damage.

Infrastructure Edit

The Sphere Tank offers access to two Oil Refineries located inside two small balls

Map Edit

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Small oil refinery map icon.png
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