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Spike Wall
Type Structure
Craftable Yes
Known by default Yes
A deadly spike wall.

Spike Walls are structure that can be placed on various terrain (no Foundations needed).


  • 5HP per Rock - 75 Hits
  • 3HP per Stone Hatchet - 125 Hits
  • 6HP per Hatchet - 62.5 Hits
  • 15HP per Pickaxe - 25 Hits


To craft a Spike Wall you need 100 Wood. No blueprints are needed.


The most common use of a spike wall, is to block people from building right beside your house. Destroying it requires either wasting explosive charges, or taking the reflected damage when hitting it with a melee weapon.

Whilst this will not completely stop people building staircases up the side of your building to breach your windows, It will act as a deterrent for people assuming an easy target.

They can be destroyed with 25 pickaxe hits or with 62.5 hatchet hits. If they are decayed, the hits would be less.

A spike wall will decay over time and can be repaired using wood on your hotbar. Equip the wood to your hotbar and use that corresponding key while facing the spike wall. Per wood it will repair the wall for 50 hp (up until its maximum). If left to decay the wall will be gone within 2–3 days.


Using spike walls inside your house is useful to make raiders waste explosive charges. In wooden structures, walls are usually weaker than metal doors, so raiders may decide just to blow through your walls to proceed through your base. The best way to stop this is by putting a spike wall on the opposite side of a wall; this can possibly soak up to 4-5 explosive charges for a raider to get through a wall. When on foundations or ceilings, spike walls do not decay as they're treated as part of the house. Keep in mind that you can see through walls, and that it looks odd if there's a wooden spikey thing at the other side of a metal wall.

During a raid, the best usage is to place them as blockages when the raiders are blowing through your base with explosive charges, you can hear where raiders place explosive charges, so it is incredibly useful to put a spike wall down to slow raiders down even more and possibly even make them use up all of their explosive charges!

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