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The TANK(APC) is a NPC-controlled Infantry Fighting Vehicle hazard which will patrol the Rocket Launch Site later in 2017.[1] It is designed as a counterweight to the richness of the loot at the Launch Site, and seems likely to displace that Monument from favor with players who cannot deal with its challenges.

The form of the Tank is a M3 Bradley Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), and there is space inside of the tank. It seems likely this is intended to make it potentially usable by the Scientist NPCs or players when they complete their development stage.

There are more differences between the Tank and the Attack Helicopter than there are similarities, including the obvious one. While the Helicopter can see all targets within its range, even at night, but will not shoot at poorly armed and armored players, the Tank has blind spots, and will attack any and all players.[2] The Tank can only be damaged by explosive-type damage, where the Helicopter can be hit by bullet damage as well. The respawn rate of the Tank may be different.

The tank model has two automatic weapons on each side, and one in the rear. The turret displays two rockets, a larger automatic weapon, and a main artillery gun.[3] Whether and how these weapons will be implemented is still unknown.

Both the Tank and the Helicopter display bright lights at night to aid players in spotting them.

The Tank currently exists as models and physics and a minimal AI which allows it to follow a player armed with binoculars.

Weapons & Damage Edit

- Main cannon. 25-30 damage per shell.

- Coaxial Machinegun. 7 damage per bullet[4]

Destroying the tank Edit

There are several locations where you can destroy it from . If you are using Rockets it might me preferable to get on a roof whilst when using the C4, the many buildings , with doors in which you can hide in to wait for him to pass and then run out , are the better choice.

Damage done to the tank:

- C4 770 Damage

- Rocket 193 Damage

- High Speed Rocket 105 Damage

- Explosives bullets :

  • with M249 3 Damage per Bullet
  • with Ak 2 Damage per Bullet

Best Methods of doing it:

  1. the cheapest way of destroying the tank is with 1 C4, 1 Rocket and a couple of Explosive Bullets. It is recommended to wait in a build to pass you then run out throw the C4 run back in and the carfully shoot the Rocket and a couple of Explosive Bullets until he is destroyed.
  2. even tho its a little bit overkill you can just use 2 C4 . That way you dont have the pain of getting all those different Explosives and carrying them with you.

Be warned though, if the tank doesn't take any Damage for about 5 minutes it will start regenerating HP.

Drops Edit

CCTV Camera

Targeting computer

M249 with ammo

240 5.56 Ammo

120 Incendiary 5.56 Ammo

80 HV 5.56 Ammo

60 Explosive 5.56 Ammo

3 Rockets

2 C-4

Thompson submachine gun with pistol bullets

Mp5a with ammo

200 9mm ammo

9mm incendiary ammo

9mm hv ammo

Holo sight attachment

Silencer attachment

Flashlight attachment

M92 with 30 9mm ammo

You can pickaxe it's parts. It will give you charcoal, High Quality Metals and Metal Fragments.

- auto turrets [4].

- armored door (if you're lucky)[4]

Destroyed with Edit

- 2 C4 [4]

- 6 Rockets[4]

- 10 High Speed Rocket

- 450+ explosive 5.56 ammo from assault rifle

- 240 explosive 5.56 ammo from m249

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  3. Say hello to Bradley - Rust
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