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Information accurate as of: build 1159

Trees are naturally occurring world objects in Rust. Players can harvest trees for Wood using any gathering tool such as a Rock, Hatchet, or Pickaxe. Harvested wood is added to the player inventory and can be used for Crafting various items or as fuel for Camp Fires and Furnaces

The amount of wood harvested from trees is generally proportional to its size and type. Large trees can be harvested for around 650 wood, depending on the tool used. When all of a tree's wood is harvested, the tree disappears. However, if only some wood is harvested and the tree is left for a few days, the wood will be replenished.

Harvesting - Tools: Edit

Tool Wood Per Strike Wood Per Tree Wood Before Breaking
Rock 10 500 3,000
Stone Pick Axe 5 ~300 ~100
Bone Club 9 309 - 557 [~406] ?
Pick Axe 10 ? 420
Salvaged Icepick 10 ? ~130
Salvaged Hammer 15 ? 1,125
Stone Hatchet 20 420 - 770 [~564] 1700
Hatchet 30 459 - 835 [~612] 7000
Salvaged Axe 50 550 - 1000 [~733] 6,829

Harvesting - Tree Types (11/01/2017): Edit

Driftwood Edit

Beach Biomes had Driftwood from early on; Driftwood was made a harvestable wood Resource with Devblog 167.

Legacy Version Edit

Although plentiful in the landscape, trees were not the fastest way of obtaining wood in Legacy. Wood Piles were a much better alternative as they allowed players to gather wood more quickly. However, when Wood Piles were scarce (and the player only needed a small amount of wood to craft a Wood Shelter or Camp Fire), then trees were suffice. If the player used a Pickaxe on the tree, they could get 2 wood per hit. In contrast with Experimental Rust, trees in Legacy did not despawn after being fully harvested, and players would see a message stating "There's no wood left here" if they attempted to continue gathering from it.



  • Some trees have been seen to be generated inside buildings.
  • Wooden and Metal Building Parts can be placed inside trees so the tree goes through their house

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