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This guide is not based on fact and is a subjective generalization of the kinds of players you may encounter on Rust.

Trolls Edit

The term "Troll" is often given to players who intentionally try to irritate other players for entertainment. "Trolls" are typically attributed with using crude tactics such as yelling incoherently in voice chat and repeatedly knocking on doors in attempt to frustrate others. Despite it's immature nature, trolling can sometimes be used strategically in PvP, especially if one successfully manages to anger their opponents. Despite this, many trolls aren't serious about enjoying Rust for its core gameplay and often play to make others have an uncomfortable experience. When a trolling player is identified, it is best to ignore or even kill them.

KoS Players Edit

KoS players are players who are known to frequently attack others on sight. Players who attack on sight are one of the primary hindrances of playing on high-population servers. They are often very territorial, relentless and usually associated with a clan. If you identify an aggressive player, don't attempt to approach them with friendly intentions, as you run a very high risk of being attacked. KoS players are usually cautious and believe in exerting power over their fellow Rusters to earn a reputation of fear and danger on a server. The best way to get friendly with these types of players are to contact them remotely through Chat or Steam.

People who kill on sight may be quite experienced on Rust and don't stand to gain from any new gear that you might've acquired, however, offering them valuable items (especially items that can craft explosives, such as gunpower and low grade fuel) can sometimes result in a truce.

How they communicate: You'll often see them bragging about killing someone on public chat. They usually sound a bit condescending towards inexperienced players.

Appearance: KoS guys usually wander about in very high tier gear, gathering resources. They don't want to be bothered, so leave them alone. They're probably gathering all that wood for building a new skyscraper.

Bandits Edit

Bandits usually hang out in squads of 2 or more Rusters, probably the most common of the Rusters and, usually armed to the teeth with Metal Armor, AK's or Bolt Action Rifles. You'd barely ever see their chat messages in the log. These guys are deadly, and they often turn out to be extremely experienced Rust players whose sole purpose is to make other players rage-quit. If you see more than one player in Armor in a distance, just stop what you're doing and run the other way. You couldn't possibly stand a chance against them, unless you have an army of your own. These people stop at nothing, when it comes to raiding or robbing other players of their stuff.

How they communicate: Clans members are usually smart and mature, although they don't talk much on public chat.

Appearance: Nearly Always kitted with metal facemask/chestplate, assault rifles, bolt actions, high tier underclothing and usually brings alot of medical items for field-use.

Raiders Edit

Raiders look like Bandits, except, they're probably on a mission to raid a specific base. Raiders are a bit more subtle in their approach and usually take hidden paths to their targets, preferably at night. Raiders are stealthier because they are carrying Explosive Charges on their way to the targets and returning with precious cargo. If you see a Raider, just hide. If a Raider is attacking a base next to you, simply disarm yourself and beg for your life and they'd usually leave you alone with a warning.

CAUTION: Never offer any help or try to assist raiders, even if they are raiding someone you hate because a) You'll never get a cut of the pie and b) They feel threatened. This includes raiders with whom you were friendly before.

How they communicate: Raiders would be stupid to communicate their plans on public chat. However when you do meet a raider at work, he/she will warn you not to get involved. Some of them can be rude, directly asking you to F-off. Others are less subtle and kill you on sight.

Appearance: Same as Bandits, but also carry some sort of demolition tool (C4, Rocket launcher, Grenades, Explosive bullets)

Friendly Noobs Edit

These guys are usually unarmed, naked and often chased by wolves. They beg you not to kill them, even if you do so much as approach them with a hatchet. You know that these guys have good intentions, which is to play like anyone else. All they want to do is work hard, gather resources, acquire tech and build great things. Friendly noobs aren't really interested in killing other players, so you can be pretty sure, they will ally with you in the beginning and help you get on your feet.

How they communicate: Friendly noobs usually know their place and try to be as polite as possible. They are usually articulate and often ask questions.

Appearance: Naked or low level mismatched pieces of armor, carrying a bow at best. Not very experienced in close combat situations.

The Griefer Edit

The infamous griefer, comes in all stripes and colors but it's not that difficult to determine if he/she will end up becoming one. Griefers do all sorts of things and can be mistaken for any one of the above 6. Plus, they exploit the game mechanics to simply give you more pain. For example, some griefers are extremely friendly and loyal at first but later on, you might suddenly find your base blocked off with walls and doors put down by these sadists. At other times, these griefers have you work hard to gather resources, then rob you when your back is turned. Griefers are simply cruel sadistic monsters. Deal with them as you please.

How they communicate: Griefers often consist of younger players and teens who don't communicate very well. They aren't very articulate in speech and often use very few words to communicate. However, they'd pretend to follow every order you give them, almost appearing to you like your slave or a servant.

Appearance: Nothing specific.

The Neutral Edit

Neutrals are semi-experienced people with usually low to mid level armor and some basic guns (for example: a waterpipe shotgun or a revolver) and will usually try to find out if someone is friendly before attacking. Depending on what they or you have, they may either run from you, or approach you and perhaps give you some stuff.

How they communicate: Neutrals often consist of young to middle-age players who haven't fully learned what Rust exactly is yet. They can communicate decently and they might help you. Be careful however, they might attack if they feel threatened or Neutrals might be griefers in disguise!

Appearance: Burlap cloths, but they might have a piece of advanced armor.These personality "types" of Rusters may not be entirely accurate and is definitely not exhaustive. Besides, people's loyalties change depending on circumstances. This article is intended to help you only in the initial stages of interaction with a fellow Ruster.

The Hero Edit

The hero(s) are semi-very experienced players. It is a rare occurring event of a friendly action from another player, the 'Hero' usually helps fending off mid-to-high geared players away from low-to-mid geared players, not a lot of heroes appear, because most of the time after they do their heroic actions, the hero is often killed by the player(s) they rescued, so if you see one or more of them helping you, go give them a friendly pat on the back or share a bit of your resources.

How they communicate: A Lot of heroes don't really talk, and are more like make-do when it comes to defending the weak to give them a chance.

Appearance: Usually comes in mid-to-high tier gear, but can be found in a lot of varities.

The Guitarist Edit

The guitarist comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is always the same. This mighty adventurer will always be running around with his guitar out, strumming along. If you approach him with friendly intentions, chances are he will play you a mighty ballad. Whilst some people may not like the attention it attracts, all can agree that these peace loving lunatics are fine fellows.

How they communicate: Via guitar noise, and lots of it.

Appearance: Usually nude, with only a Guitar, however some prefer to go out geared, to be able to escape with Guitar in hand in-case of dangers.

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