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Welcome, this is a guide for those who want and are worthy to survive in the world of Rust.(Or whatever the country is called)

Surviving - Players with barely any goods (If you are a total noob, join a VERY UNpopulated server)

The first things you have to watch out at the start are wolves, bears, and radiation. Having a weak weapon won't protect you very good and attacking a bear with just a stone hatchet isn't very wise. Radiation is a very easy thing to look out for, since it makes very disturbing noise when you enter a radiated area, but they can be very deadly. First of all, gather food, recommended to attack pigs or chicken, REMEMBER the more food you have the better. If you can craft a bow and arrows get it, it will allow you to wrestle a wolf easier, because wolves give leather, and leather armor is pretty decent at the start. If there are players nearby, who are building, or are occupied, say hi! Be as friendly as possible.

However, when it turns nighttime, increase your alert, and tend to stay away from players, especially armored ones. Bandits and thieves tend to wander in nighttime trying to prey on innocent players, ALWAYS lock your doors, oh wait.... oh yeah, build your houses as remote as possible, starting out, its good to build a temporary shelter to cook your food and be warm for the night, its good to build them up a hill between rocks, as a big structure stands out and tempts professional grievers, thieves, and bandits even more. Try to get supply drops as they can be very useful, it is recommended to leave most of your stuff behind because other players WILL go for them.

Surviving - For those who have guns, armor, and a fairly good residence

Try to be as passive as possible, unless you want to be a mother****ing as****e who just ruins other peoples day, which is unrecommended, as IF they ever get super kitted out, they might beat up your ba**s sometime soon. Trying to befriend noobs who are just starting out are pretty good, they might be helpful to you one day. If you have friends playing with you, that's pretty good, because they will help you defend against those raiders who will force you to start over back being a naked guy, unless you have a bed which if you still don't have, get one. A recommended weapon is a sniper, and a recommended thing to build is a sniper's nest, you can get an overview of the map and hunt grievers down, which will make you famous and will give you many friends, the reason you want to make a sniper's nest is to one hit KO those grievers and take their kevlar and kit out yourself, though you may want to make an M4 or any other weapon since snipers aren't really good in close range unless you are a professional No-Scoper ( Able to kill someone with a sniper in close range without using the scope ).

Surviving - Hackers and Griefers

Step one=Learn Hacking

Step Two=Hack Rust

Step Three=Play Rust

Step Four=GET BANNED YOU (Infinity Swear Words)

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