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Vending Machine
Vending Machine icon
A Vending Machine.
Shortname vending.machine
Type Items
Stacksize 1
Craftable Yes
Time To Craft 30 s
High Quality Metal iconTransparent item
Gears iconTransparent item

A Vending Machine to sell your items and it does not requires the direct presence of the player. However it could be destroyed and loot whatever items it was selling.

When looking at the map the vending machine will show its location as a shopping cart. The color or the cart will depend on its status, if the machine its active selling something it will be shown as a green shopping cart within a circle; if the machine has ran out of items it will be a red shopping cart within a circle.

The owner can turn "broadcast location" by holding down "E" and accessing the configuration settings. If broadcast location is off the machine will not show up on maps regardless of actively selling items or not


The monitor resembles the ones from Fallout series; as it has a green hue and scan-lines very similar from the monitors from the game Fallout 3.


  • Army Vending Machine - Marketable, Tradeable
  • Brass Vending Machine - Marketable, Tradeable
  • Rox Black Vending Machine - Marketable, Tradeable
  • RustyCola Machine - Not Marketable, Not Tradeable
  • Sand Tone Vending Machine - Marketable, Tradeable
  • Urban Vending Machine - Marketable, Tradeable

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