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The Wet status comes from touching water, or being partially or fully submerged in water. When wet, an orange bar saying "Wet" will pop up at the lower right corner of the player UI, just above the vitals bars. Next to the word "Wet", there will be a percentage indicating how wet the player is. Usually, 100% will indicate that the player's body is fully underwater, and the Wet status will usually not show if the player is dry, or 0% wet. Being Wet currently lowers your body temperature significantly. It is also an useful indicator to assist players in swimming. When swimming along the surface, the Wet status will usually fluctuate anywhere from 50% to 70%.

Trivia Edit

  • Being wet may contribute to the player's hunger
  • In order to become less wet, the player can either try to get more of their body above the waterline or walk out onto dry land.
  • The Wet status is a helpful indication while swimming, because usually players can lose track of how they are swimming, provided a situation such as combat.
  • If the player's Wet status is at 100% for at least a few seconds, that indicates the player is completely underwater and will soon start to drown.
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