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The Wolf is an aggressive animal that will attack you when you come near or in its general area.

In Legacy, you can kill a wolf in 2 shots with a bow, 4 shots with a: 9mm Pistol, M4, or MP5A4, or 1 shot with a shotgun at point blank range.

The Wolf can be brown or black; however the color does not affect anything except for appearance.

The Wolf takes 9 hits with a Stone Hatchet to kill (Legacy).

Evasion is possible by running away from it until it gets too far behind, alike to the Bear.

In Legacy, it is also possible to go on a steep, elevated surface such as a large boulder though If the surface isn't steep enough, the wolf will be able to climb it.

The animal can hit you from long distances, up to around three meters away it will still be able to hit you, even when it is not even facing you.

When killing a wolf with nothing except a spear, expect to win the fight. it will probably hit you once or twice and make you bleed, but this usually inflicts even less than 50 damage. With a bit of practice, fighting wolves becomes fairly easy, although it is very hard to prevent getting scratched. it is recommended to try to shoot it before it notices you, and then engage in melee combat.

Note - logging out will not make the Wolf disappear, it will still be there upon logging back in if no other players have caused it to go away and will continue hunting you until you either kill it, or it kills you. You can avoid the wolf (or bear) by going onto a foundation (NOTE: In Rust experimental, animals can often walk through foundations).


Wolves give about 8 Raw Chicken Breast, 20 Cloth, and 3 Blood. They will attack as you near them.

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