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Wood was one of the most common, useful and basic resources in Legacy. It could be used to craft Camp Fires, Wood Barricades, Wood Doors and many other items, as seen below.


Wood could be gathered in two ways:

  1. Players could cut down Trees with the Hatchet, Stone Hatchet or your beginner Rock; doing it this way only earned them 1 Wood every hit (with Rock), or 1 Wood every few hits (with Hatchets), a very slow way to do it. Hitting a tree with a Pick Axe would give them 2 Wood instead of 1 every 2 hits.
  2. Wood Piles contained huge amounts of easy to harvest Wood: Each wood pile yielded about ~70-100 wood. Therefore wood piles were several times more efficient compared to manually harvesting trees - tools would harvest them even faster.


Wood was essential to craft the following structural and essential items:

Wood was also essential for crafting Wood Planks which were necessary to craft wooden structural items such as the Wood Foundation, Wood Wall, etc.

Additionally, Wood was also used to craft Stone Hatchets, Hatchets, Torchs and many other items, as visualized in the Legacy Items category.

Note: If the player had access to a Workbench then these crafting times were reduced by 66%.

Respawn RateEdit

Unfortunately, the actual specific details on what resources drop where and how are not fully understood. Changes and updates made to Legacy also impeded this understanding, as the drop rates and yields may have been altered over time.

What is known, all resource spawn rates are linked. Meaning that if you only gather wood from Wood Piles and leave all other resources, then eventually there will be less (or no) Wood Piles re-spawning. However, Trees in Legacy could perhaps regenerate their wood after a certain period of time, but this is not confirmed.


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