Wood Barricade

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Wood Barricades
Type Structure
Craftable N/A
Basic wooden wall

Wood Barricades are craftable, placeable items. Like Spike Barricades, Wood Barricades don't need to placed on a Wood Foundation, they can be placed anywhere on the ground.


  • 20HP per Rock - 50 Hits
  • 15HP per Stone Hatchet - 67 Hits
  • 25HP per Hatchet - 40 Hits
  • 60HP per Pickaxe - 17 Hits

It is usually possible to climb up on one side of the Barricade, Bandits often use Wood Barricades to climb in through windows, or onto a roof.

Wood Barricades are often used to provide cover when engaging in a gun fight.


Wood Barricades may be crafted with 30 Wood in the crafting menu.

It takes 25 seconds to craft a Wood Barricade.


One tactic, if you have a window, is to place one in front of the window inside. Make sure you have enough room to step in front if you wish to look out. This keeps raiders from having a clear shot too far into your house. It also cuts down on the amount of light coming out of the house at night.

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