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Wooden Foundation
File:Wood foundation.png
Type Structure
Craftable Yes
Known by default Yes
The basis of all building.

Wood Foundations are craftable, placeable items. Certain structures in the game require a wood foundation to be built, as they build onto them. They are the basis of all building currently in the game. The only exceptions to this are doors and barricades. Wooden Foundations are currently not destructable.


Wooden Foundations may be crafted with 8 Wood Planks in the crafting menu.

Dependent StructuresEdit

The following structures require a Wood Foundation to be placed before the item itself is placed:


Various players have been reporting that the Wood Foundation will break immediately upon placement despite it appearing green first during placement. This is most likely a bug. Some players reported resolving the problem by restarting the server. It is advisable to  craft and test one Wood Foundation first before attempting to craft multiple ones to see if the problem exists and to avoid wasting wood.

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