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Wood piles could be found in certain areas all around the map in Experimental. They were the most efficient method of collecting Wood; they had a higher yield rate per swing than trees, and usually contained more wood overall (approximately 80-120 Wood per pile). Gathering from wood piles also depleted the player's food slower than gathering from trees, therefore making it a better alternative.

Harvesting Edit

Tool Wood Per Strike
Rock 7
Stone Hatchet 7
Hatchet 10
Pick Axe 20

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Unlike Trees, wood piles would despawn once fully depleted. However, they would later respawn to allow gathering to continue.
  • Sadly, on November 14, 2014, wood piles were officially removed from the Experimental version of Rust, but still remained in Legacy until that version was discontinued on December 08, 2016.
    • When explaining the decision to remove wood piles, Garry stated; "Haven’t we got enough sources of wood? I don’t think we need to explain this." [1]

Reference Edit


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