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Wood Pillar
File:Wood pillar.png
Type Structure
Craftable Yes
Known by default Yes
A wooden pillar.

Wood Pillars are structures that can be placed on wooden foundations and are required to place a window, doorway, wall, stairs, or ceilings. You can only place wooden structures between wooden pillars.


Wood Pillars are placed down onto a foundation by left clicking while holding a Wood Pillar. They can only be placed on foundations or ceilings. Wood Pillars are restricted when on foundations, they can only be placed on the corners, in the middle of each side, or directly in the middle. Wood Pillars have 5000 durability, and gets healed for 500 So  you cant destroy them once placed


Wooden Pillars may be crafted with 2 Wood Planks in the crafting menu. They are part of the starting crafting menu, so you do not need to research them.

It takes 5 seconds to craft a Wood Pillar.



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