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Wood Wall
File:Rust wiki wood wall.png
Type Structure
Craftable Yes
Known by default Yes
In-game description: Must be placed between two pillars.

Wood Wall are craftable, placeable items, though they may only be placed on a Wood Foundation, between two Wood Pillars. They appear as standard walls made out of wood. They can be destroyed with 1-3 Explosive Charge . They can be destroyed by grenades, but it takes quite a lot of them.(depending on decay of the wall) You can rotate a wall with your mouse wheel or right click.  Walls have 1000 durability and will heal 100 durability per piece of wood used. Walls do not take melee damage (See patch notes for 14.07.13 ).

Decay time is 5 days.


Wooden Walls may be crafted with 4 Wood Planks in the crafting menu and take 30 seconds to craft.

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