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In Experimental Rust, when the player reaches 0 HP, depending on the type of damage done to the player, the player won't die immediately. Instead, the player will be knocked down at 5 HP. While in this state, the player is defenseless, and other players can either finish off the mortally wounded player, or help the player back up, while hostile animals will just finish off the player.

If there are no hostile animals or other players near the dying player, the player will either simply die after some time or reaches 0 HP, or has a very small chance (Exact chance unknown) to get back up by themselves, with the HP they had while dying.

Trivia Edit

  • If wounded players land in water, it is likely that they will die from drowning.
  • If helped back up, it still takes time for the player to recover.
  • Wounded is also known as Downed.
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