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The XP System was a game mechanic for Experimental Rust. It aimed to bring a complicated experience and skill system into Rust, as well as a consequence for death.

On the Devblog 100 update, the XP System was released. As stated by the developers, "The balance of the system has been tested a lot, but it still needs a lot more work." So it was to be expected for many things to change in regards to the XP System.

There were several ways to earn XP, some of which included:

Another important system that went along with the XP System was ownership. When you gathered resources or found loot in Crates and Barrels, it belonged to you. The ownership of any crafted items was determined by the ownership of the resources used to craft it.

For example, if two players both gathered enough resources to make a single pickaxe, they both had a set amount of ownership of that tool. Now, whenever the pickaxe was used in gathering resources, those two players got a percentage of the XP even if they were not the ones using it.

In addition, one did not need to be awake or online to receive XP from ownership. They could accumulate XP even while asleep or offline.

The system is no longer in development, and will probably never be re-added.

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